Retouch and Enhancement

The value of your photographs is something that will increase for you more and more over time. Most images become irreplaceable in several years. Having them digitally restored, and stored on a CD ensures that they will not undergo any further degradation, while making it easy to make prints for the rest of your family, and share with future generations. 

Photo restoration is the delicate art of manipulating an image to enhance what has been lost over time , or physical damage.

The finished product is somewhat limited by the condition of the original, but even photos in very poor condition can be brought back to an amazing degree

The four images seen here are combined to create a portrait for a trucking company that spans 50 years and four generations.


Family Photography

1024 N Sheridan Rd

Peoria Il 61606


Retouch and enhancement can be almost anything your imagination can dream up. Whether it is adding people to pictures, or removing them. Removing blemishes, or fixing a stain on a jacket, changing a color, or fixing blinks.